Workshop at the Summer Conference of the Cabot Learning Federation

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On Friday 7th July, we had the opportunity to run our teacher workshop ‘Inequalities and bias in schools: reasons, research and reactions’ at the Summer Conference of the Cabot Learning Federation.

The conference was held at City Academy Bristol and attended by more than 1,200 teaching staff. Our workshop participants came from different subject areas and had different school roles. Their discussions on reasons for discrepancies between teachers’ and students’ perceptions of students’ attitudes to school were extremely insightful and will help us interpret our results.

Katherin presents at the South-West Anti Racist Education Forum

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On 23rd June, Katherin presented our findings on teacher perceptions of students’ academic attitudes at the South-West Anti Racist Education Forum, University of Bristol.

In an interactive session attended by teachers, head teachers, inclusion leads, teacher educators, and charity representatives, the project findings were discussed and evaluated in relation to specific situations in classrooms and schools. The project will greatly benefit from the views and experiences attendees shared in this workshop.

Image is of the Playback Theatre performance ‘Breathing Fire’ with Ruth Pitter

Valentina presents at the 2023 British Sociological Association Annual Conference

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On 14th April, Valentina presented at the British Sociological Association (BSA) 2023 Annual Conference – Sociological Voices in Public Discourse hosted by the University of Manchester.

At the 2023 BSA Conference, Valentina presented preliminary results for a work-in-progress BIPE paper investigating the socio-economic gradient in teacher-student relationship in England and Scotland. The paper explores teacher-student relationships by focusing on the accuracy of teacher perceptions of student’s attitudes towards school and learning. In both England and Scotland, preliminary empirical evidence shows how teacher perceptions are not entirely accurate, indeed they appear to be biased based on the socio-economic background of the student in question.

Slides from the presentation can be viewed on our ‘Materials and publications’ page.

Katherin presents at the Centre for Comparative and International Research in Education (CIRE) of the University of Bristol

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On the 6th of December, Katherin presented at an internal CIRE meeting, a forum intended for faculty and PGRs to share research ideas and ongoing projects in order to receive feedback from faculty and PGRs with different research interest and areas of expertise in the field of educational research.

Katherin presented some preliminary results of the BIPE project focusing on social and ethnic biases in primary school in England.

Slides from the presentation can be viewed on our ‘Materials and publications’ page.

Welcome to our new Senior Research Associate

We are delighted to have a new member on the project team!

Valentina Perinetti Casoni has joined us as Senior Research Associate and will be working with us on data analysis, writing up of publications and impact activities.

We are now getting started with a paper on discrepancies between teacher, parent and children’s perceptions of learning and teaching. We are curious to find out whether such discrepancies vary by student, social and ethnic background, and what their impacts on further educational pathways are.

Jurassic Coast Teacher Network

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On 30th June, Katherin gave a workshop on unconscious bias to teachers in the Jurassic Coast Teacher Network. This network, which is led by Woodroffe School in Lyme Regis, connects teachers across schools in West Dorset, South Devon and Somerset.

Participant feedback was very positive and shows the workshop will have impact on practice:

It was very thought provoking and produced many conversations about what we do or don’t do, and what we might need to think about…it will help inform our work next year on feedback and marking.

If you are interested in hearing more about our teacher workshops, further information can be found on our flyer, on our ‘Teaching materials’ page.